Alternatives to Liposuction

Exploring Liposuction Alternatives

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Reasons for Liposuction Alternatives

  • Non-Surgical Options: Since liposuction is a surgical process with some health risks, many people prefer opting for a non-invasive alternative to stay in shape.
  • Skin Quality: Liposuction alone may not deliver effective results for those with weak skin elasticity. Elderly people and people who have lost a great deal of weight are particularly low on skin elasticity. The dermal side effects, such as scars, dimpling, wrinkling, etc. may be significant after the surgery in such cases. These patients may require skin lift surgeries after liposculpture. Liposuction alternatives offer possible alternatives.
  • Cellulite: If body areas are suffering more from cellulite than simple fat deposits, then applicable alternatives of liposuction offer the best solution. Liposculpture cannot treat cellulite.

Drug Reactions: If you are allergic to certain drugs, then traditional liposuction may not be an option for you, as anesthesia is administered during the surgery. Anesthesia, especially general, is linked with health risks and allergic tendencies may further compound the issue. Therefore, liposuction alternatives with little or no use of anesthesia are better choices in such cases.

Eligibility for Liposuction Alternatives

  • BMI: Those with more than ‘ideal’ BMI can consider opting for weight loss methods.
  • Patient’s Health: Age, gender, weight, weight patterns, medical condition, drug allergies, and skin elasticity are the key parameters your medical professional will assess to decide on the applicable weight loss or body contouring methods.

 Weight Loss Caution

Any physical process, including weight loss, should preferably be gradual rather than sudden, as the body needs to adjust to the changes. Therefore, patience is key here. Rushing to instant methods or excesses may irreparably damage the body.

 Liposuction Alternatives

Liposuction usually refers to standard surgical fat removal techniques which involve incisions, cannula insertion, and fat suction. Most of the liposuction alternatives mentioned below are non-surgical and include even the latest non-invasive liposuction techniques. Most of the plastic surgery alternatives require repeated sessions to achieve the desired result. Many also need follow up sessions for maintaining those changes.

Natural Methods: This should be the primary course to fitness. Right diet and regular exercising can work well for your body without posing any threats of side effects. A motivated and dedicated approach towards natural methods, coupled with professional guidance, is the best way to health.

  •  Exercising: You must exercise 5 days a week for 30 minutes at least. This increases the body’s metabolic rate. As a result, the body starts burning the fat reserves to generate energy.
  •  Food: Having a healthy, low fat diet enables nutrition balance in the body.
  •  Medicinal Injection Methods: These cost-effective techniques help remove cellulite present in small body areas, such as the face and chin, with little fat deposit. Over a period, a series of small medicinal injections are made in the target area(s). Biochemical reactions then take place in the body to trigger the lipolytic (fat breaking) chemicals. The loosened fat is later naturally excreted out of the body. Since the needles used are small, these processes are less painful than liposuction surgery. Those allergic to any of the injected ingredient(s) may not be eligible for these techniques.
  •  Mesotherapy: Considered more a Homeopathic treatment, Mesotherapy injections are a mix of natural vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and medicines. With each session lasting for 2-3 hours, the results are obvious in approximately 5-10 sittings.
  • Lipodissolve: Similar to, but more popular than Mesotherapy, in Lipodissolve a mix of drugs and enzymes are injected. The method is not FDA approved yet.
  •  Lipotherapy: This works the best for very small body areas, especially facial structures, like nose, around the mouth & eyes, and double chin. The method can also tone down the small fat deposits in abdomen, waist, hips, arms, buttocks, and love handles.
  •  LASER (Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation) Methods:  Laser rays are passed from a laser device (usually a hand piece) into the target skin area. These are painless treatment and anesthesia is often not required. Laser fat removal methods have a low risk profile, precision, a brief recovery period, and deliver effective & permanent results, while costing lower than the traditional lipo techniques.



  • Radio Frequency (RF) Waves: Some methods employ the RF energy of laser rays to melt the fat. The liquefied fat is later naturally eliminated from the body.
  •  Thermage: This is maximally non-invasive liposuction alternative available presently. Apart from melting the unwanted fat in the target body area, Thermage boosts collagen growth and contraction. Responsible for skin firmness, elasticity, and skin tone, collagen is a group of naturally found proteins in the body. Accordingly, Thermage is used more to shape and firm up the skin of face, chin, and neck, especially. People with good to moderate skin elasticity are eligible for the procedure
  • Lipo-Ex: This minimally invasive fat removal method attacks several layers of fat at one go. As much as 10 lbs of fat loss is possible through this technique.
  •  Ultrasonic Methods:These non-invasive techniques use ultrasound rays to melt the accumulated fat and cellulite, especially in the abdomen, thighs, and buttocks. A gel is applied to the target area and the ultrasonic energy rays are passed with the help of an ultrasound device. The rays liquefy the fat, which is disposed of through the urinary system and/or the lymphatic system. The procedures are painless, safe, and may not require anesthesia. Conducted on an outpatient basis, the patients of ultrasonic processes recover quickly.




  • Massage Therapy: Based on massage therapy, these methods reduce cellulite and mainly help contour the waist, thighs, and buttocks. The massage enhances the blood circulation to improve the skin texture and tone as well. Both the methods given below are FDA approved.
    • Lipomassage: This technique uses rolling strokes with a device for toning down the body fat.
    • VelaShape: Here, the infrared light and RF waves are massaged into the skin with the help of a vacuum device. This melts the unwanted fat.
  •  Diet Pills: Diet pills suppress a person’s appetite resulting in limited food consumption. Laxatives stimulate the digestive system and the food you eat is naturally expelled. Some diet pills even disintegrate the fat cells. Several tablets available in the market are not FDA approved and have serious side effects. Therefore, follow your doctor’s prescription and don’t choose over-the-counter products.
  •  Seaweed Wraps: This is a non-invasive, non-medical, non-FDA approved, yet very popular herbal procedure to detox, tone the skin, and lose fat, especially cellulite. The skin absorbs the minerals present in the wrap. These minerals then disintegrate the fat deposits, which are excreted out eventually.
  •  Clothes: Aimed more at ‘concealing’ the problem rather than solving it, clothing offers an instant solution to the bulges. Compression body shaping garments are quite helpful.