Liposuction Equipment

A number of products are used to support surgical liposuction. Patients are positioned with pillows to stabilize the body. This ensures precise and well defined surgical intervention. Once the patient is well-positioned, the areas to be treated are sterilized and anesthetized.

There are a number of ways to instill the tumescent solution into the treatment area. Needles, syringes, tubing and pumps with handles, and pressure pumps are all used. Measuring devices control the amount of fluid instilled.

In the beginning, a single lumen cannula pipe was used for liposuction. Gradually, the modern  cannula was developed. There are now a wide variety of cannulae, which are selected according to the technique which will be used. Tubes are attached to the cannulae.

From the cannulae tubes pass through sterile aspiration filters which separate lipocytes and tissues from extracted fluid. Sometimes the extracted fat is saved to be re-grafted.  From the filter the fluid is then collected in canisters.

After surgery absorbent pads and compression garments may be part of the treatment regimen.

Proper sanitation and sterilization of the surgical equipment used is very important to avert infection. Liposuction equipment is cleaned by ultrasonics, multi-enzyme solutions, disinfectants and brushes. All reusable equipment is also autoclaved.

Aspiration Products for Liposuction

Aspiration is the process of eliminating the adipose tissues from the body through suction. There are special aspiration products and support supplies to facilitate this.

Liposuction Aspiration Products Supplies

  • Aspirator/Aspiration Pump: An aspiration pump is a sealed, oil free, vacuum based suction device for removing fat cells from the body during the liposuction procedure. This portable apparatus comes with both single & dual ports for creating effective suction. The device is available in variable vacuum pressures ranging from 0–29 Hg. Other features include minimal sound level, a display screen, pneumatic footswitch, and an extension pole for mounting canisters. The machine is offered under a variety of brand names and configurations.
  • Aspiration Cannula: An aspiration cannula is a small stainless steel tube attached to the aspiration handle to aid in drawing out the cells during liposuction surgery. Cannulae and microcannulae are available under various trademarks and come in a variety of sizes & styles. Both reusable & disposable cannulae are available in the market.
  • Aspiration Syringe: When liposuction is performed in delicate areas such as the face, an aspiration syringe is often used instead of an aspirator to keep the pressure to a minimum. This syringe comes in different sizes and is used for suctioning the fat cells released during the surgery. It is also used for removing  residual tumescent solution after liposuction. This helps in lowering the risk of infection and promotes faster healing.

Aspiration Support Products

  • Aspiration Handle: Aspiration handles help grip the cannula and provide better control of its movements. These are available in both aluminum & steel, in single or dual pieces, and with or without holes, Luer lock fittings, contours, & swivel barbs. Various surgical companies offer different kinds of aspiration handles to go with distinct tubing and cannulae. However, most are designed to fit all kinds of tubing and microcannulae. Aspiration handles manipulate liposuction cannulae and regulate the suction flow and pressure.
  • Aspiration Tubing: This tubing is attached to the aspiration handle at one end and the aspirator at the other end. It is available under several brands in a variety of lengths and diameters. It is commonly lightweight, easily bendable, and fitted with gripped ends to ensure a tight, secure fit at both sides. Latex free and reusable silicon tubing is also available in the US. Some tubing is also adapted to directly fit with the Luer lock microcannulae, thereby doing away with the aspiration handles.