Liposuction of Face – Facial Liposculpture

In face liposuction surgery, the fat is removed from the cheeks, jaw line, and the chin. The excess weight in the face comes across as chubby cheeks and double chin. Liposuction of the face is an efficient procedure yielding quick results, causing least scarring, and costing less than facelift. The patient must understand that facial liposuction just removes fat and is not a treatment for wrinkles or blemishes. For a detailed working on the face, facelift is the option.

Target Areas for Face Liposculpture

  • Cheeks: The resistant fatty layer beneath the skin makes a person look heavy cheeked. The tumescent liposuction procedure works remarkably well on this subcutaneous layer of fat to give a leaner look.
  • Lower Cheek/Jowl: Fat deposition on the lower cheek and the jaw line add heaviness to the face. The use of microcannulae can very effectively remove the fat without leaving any scars.
  • Chin: Fat layer in the chin and below the jaw line graduates to double chin. Chin liposculpture can make a person look young and slim.

Eligibility for Facial Liposculpture

Facial liposuction works well on men and women who appear to have a fat face, cheeks, and a double chin. Lipo suction delivers dramatic results for young people, as the skin is more elastic then. It does not sag after the liposuction fat has been removed. Women who end up with sagging skin after liposuction may need a facelift to firm it up.

Risks of Liposuction of Face

Risks involved in facial liposuction are much less than in other parts of the body. The basic complications can be infections, swelling, tenderness, and in some cases contusions. The physician’s advice and prescriptions must be followed to reduce these mild problems.

Post Liposuction Recovery and Care

After liposuction of the face, the incision site must be pressed with super absorbent pads to remove the excess fluid. Compression garments need to be worn for 18-36 hours. The slight amount of discomfort and pain can be managed with painkillers, which your surgeon shall prescribe. Usually, patients are able to resume their routine within 2-5 days after their liposculpture surgery.