Liposuction of Male Breasts

Causes of Heavy Male Breasts

  • Gynecomastia: Is a medical condition occurring due to the anomalous development of a large amount of dense & fibrous glandular breast tissues. Liposuction surgery is usually not very helpful here as the microcannulae are not able to penetrate them well. Surgical excision may provide better results in this case.  There is a serious condition where fibrous glandular breast tissues develop in excess and for which medical treatment should be sought as soon as it is recognized.
  • Pseudogynecomastia: Is the most common reason for male breast enlargement and occurs due to many factors including excess alcohol use and obesity. Tumescent liposuction of male breast can easily rectify it.

Patient Eligibility for Breast Liposuction for Men

Male breasts contain both fat as well as glandular tissues. Male breast liposuction works better in the case of fatty tissues. Therefore, men suffering from large breasts due to obesity get encouraging results after liposculpture. Since it is difficult to verify the amount of fat and glandular tissues by physical examination, a pre-liposuction mammogram can be helpful in determining the breast tissue’s composition correctly

Effectiveness Index and Expectations

A realistic approach to the entire procedure is very important. Liposuction of a man’s breasts is not magic and cannot suddenly transform the body structure. The presence of dense glandular tissues usually affects the outcome of male breast liposuction, which may be below the patient’s expectations.

Liposuction Procedure for Men’s Breasts

As mentioned above, tumescent liposuction is the most preferred way to remove excess fat from the male breasts. The procedure lasts for around 1-2 hours. The width of the cannulae used depends on the doctor’s judgment. Some surgeons prefer to use microcanunulae with the diameter ranging from 1.2mm-2.2mm. Others use larger cannulae of 4mm gauge. Local anesthesia is injected into the body. The adits (tiny access holes made using biopsy punches) are made in the skin through which the microcannulae are inserted to dislodge the liposuction fat tissues. Finally, a suction cannula vacuums out the fat from the body. Laser lipo is also rapidly emerging as a potential alternative to the tumescent technique.

Post Liposuction Recovery and Care

The tumescent technique follows the open drainage system for a quick recovery from liposuction. The punctures are not sutured, in order to drain the excess fluid. To avoid infection, the incisions are covered by superabsorbent pads. The cuts heal in around 2-3 days. The patients need to wear a compression garment over the chest for 18-36 hours to prevent further contusions and swelling. You can resume your regular routine in around 3 days, including driving. However, heavy lifting and strenuous jobs straining chest muscles, including sex, must be avoided for 3-4 weeks. If the tender feeling and swelling continue beyond a month, the doctor must be consulted. For all phases of the procedure, your surgeon’s advice should be strictly adhered to. The results take around 6 months to show up.

Advantages of Male Breast Liposuction

  • Efficient: Diet and exercise resistant fatty tissues can be quickly and easily removed
  • Contoured Looks: Men can regain their proportionate, muscular physique
  • Psychological Lift: Good looks help shed embarrassment and regain self-confidence
  • Negligible Scars: Fat removal with no or little scars, since small diameter microcannulae facilitate small incisions
  • No General Anesthesia Risk: Since male breast liposuction is performed with local anesthesia, the health risks associated with systemic anesthesia are not present
  • No Change in Nipples: The shape, size, color, and position of nipples does not change