Neck Liposculpture


Neck liposuction is a popular plastic surgery among both men and women. After the age of 40, the skin begins to lose its elasticity and with fat deposits, starts giving the appearance of a sagging neck in women and heavy jowls in men. Consequently, once graceful necklines now droop and double chins become more visible. Liposuction of the neck is an effective solution to remove localized fat pockets from the neck, jowls, and chin. The overall contouring helps achieve a sculpted neckline. A much better alternative or pre procedure to the neck lift, this technique is minimally invasive, less complicated, and yields favorable results, with less scarring.

 Neck Liposuction Procedure

Neck liposuction is done using any of the various liposuction techniques ranging from tumescent to power assisted to laser assisted to water-assisted. The choice of technique depends on the amount of fat to be removed, surgeon’s preference, and cost considerations. The liposuction surgery is typically done in an office setting or as an outpatient under local anesthesia. A sedative may be administered to calm the patient. The process takes approximately 30 minutes to an hour, depending upon the fat to be removed and the technique used.

  • The Steps:
    • Marking: The target area is marked with a pen.
    • Incision: The surgeon makes a small incision in the area to be treated.
    • Fluid Infusion: Tumescent solution, which is the combination of an anesthetic, epinephrine, and saline, is introduced in the body. The patient may be given a sedative to calm the nerves.
    • Cannula Insertion: A microcannula is inserted through an incision in the least visible area, mostly behind the ear or under the chin.
    • Fat Dislodge: The cannula ruptures the fat cells either manually in the case of tumescent liposuction, or mechanically in power-assisted method. If using laser lipo, then the fat is melted away by a laser beam before it is suctioned out, or is released with a pulsating water jet if water assisted liposuction is used. Laser lipo is generally the most prevalent method for neck treatment, as it uses small incisions, easily melts away the liposuction fat, and results in tighter skin.
    • Fat Suction: The fat cells thus detached are drawn out of the body with the use of a suction apparatus.

Post Liposculpture Recovery

The downtime is brief and the patient is usually able to resume normal activities within a week. There may be slight bruising, swelling, and numbness in the neck, which subsides in around 2-3 weeks. There may be some pain in the incision area. Your surgeon may prescribe some painkillers to overcome it. Stiffness and soreness in the neck after surgery is also normal and it subsides as the skin heals. It takes around 6 months for the complete effects to become evident. Usually, the larger the amount of fat removed, the longer the results take to show up.

Post-Operative Care

The patient is required to wear a compression bandage around the neck for almost 2-3 weeks or as long as the doctor prescribes. This cozy elastic garment keeps the skin securely in place, aids faster healing, minimizes the risk of infection, and curtails swelling. Antibiotics may be prescribed to ward off any infection. Smoking is not advisable as it impedes the recovery process and may bring about complications.

Associated Risks of Liposuction Neck

Neck liposuction does not involve any specific major risk. The complications are the same as that of a standard lipo suction procedure.

Neck Liposuction Costs

The breakdown of the total cost of neck fat removal stays the same as that of a standard liposuction procedure. The surgical costs (including the surgeon’s fees) range from $2500-4600.

Effectiveness Index

Before the launch of liposuction, face-lift and neck lift were the most prevalent procedures for fat removal. Neck lift not only removes the unwarranted fat but also aids in skin tightening. However, liposuction is a less complicated, more economical, safer, and less time taking procedure. Also, the new liposuction techniques of laser, power, & water jet assisted also facilitate skin firming. In effect, liposuction has replaced neck lift surgery in certain cases. If the skin elasticity is low, which is mostly the case in aged people, neck lift may be considered for final touch-ups once the effects of liposuction are completely visible.