Long Distance Liposuction Consultation


Long Distance Liposuction Consultation – The Resource Advantages

Long distance liposuction consultation is a convenience many centers offer for fat reduction candidates who live in distant locations. Starting with your eligibility assessment, to zeroing upon the target body areas and the applicable liposuction technique(s), to finalizing the surgery’s details (like date, time, venue, and discharge) the hospital works out everything via correspondence.

With this time, energy and money saving process, you can contact your lipo surgeon over a call, fax, or online (email & chat). Your doctor will provide the complete what, how, and why of your liposuction specific plans. In short, all the theoretical details about the treatment are worked out between the patients and their concerned doctors, through correspondence, until the actual surgery happens. An excellent option for the patients looking for a second opinion, long distance liposuction consultation needs cautious, detailed, and accurate preparation.

Long Distance Liposuction Consultations Procedure

The long distance liposuction consultation approach varies with different clinics and surgeons. However, we summarize the framework broadly below.

  • Discussion with the Liposuction Surgeon: For a nominal fee, you can have a telephone or online contact with the surgeon of your choice. She/he will provide you a complete picture of the steps involved.
  • Documents Submission: You need to provide your detailed documents as reports, or as form(s), the clinic will send you. The details required include:
    • Physical Traits: Gender, age, weight, & height
    • Medical History: Your complete medical history, including any earlier surgeries, record of allergies or tendencies, any health complications and the relevant medical reports on them
    • Drugs Record: A list of all the medicines (over the counter & prescription) you took in the past or are presently consuming
    • Photographs: The surgeon will essentially need clear, recent, pre-operative close-up photos of your problem area(s)
  • Evaluation: On receiving the required documents, the surgeon begins to carefully study the case. The process may take a few days. In the case of any inadequacy, she/he may ask you  for additional information or inputs.
  • Surgeon’s Documents: With the initial diagnosis determined, the surgeon shall call you to discuss your eligibility for the process. If approved, he/she shall provide in writing the following specific information:
      • Surgical Method: The applicable liposuction technique(s) in your case
      • Duration: The time the surgery will probably take
      • Event Details: Schedule & venue
      • Medical Staff: List of surgeons & anesthetists involved
      • Repeat Sittings: The repeat surgery details (if applicable)
      • Consent Form: To be signed and returned – you will sign a new copy in person before surgery
      • Local Doctor: Directions for your local physician who will conduct your pre-liposuction medical assessment
      • Financing: The estimated liposuction cost, including the initial deposit amount required
      • Route Map: To help you reach the hospital conveniently
      • Hotels List: A list of hotels around the surgeon’s facility
      • Terms of Use: A copy of the doctor’s privacy policy or rules
  • Final Decision: Before committing, be sure that the planned procedure is meeting your needs and that you are clear about what you are going ahead with. Otherwise, continue to ask your doctor any questions you need until you are sure.


  • Preparing for Liposuction Procedure: You must strictly adhere to all the pre-operative instructions from the surgeon. A complete health check-up (physical, mental & emotional) is mandatory before the operation to ascertain your soundness of health. Make sure your liposuction dossier is complete. When traveling for your surgery, you should have at least one person accompany you for the post procedure care out of the hospital.
  • Recovery: If the liposuction recovery goes well , the doctor may allow you to go home in the next 1 or 2 weeks. Your surgeon may refer you to a local physician for the follow-up liposuction reviews.


  • Quick Treatment:Some surgeons and hospitals offer a ‘quick’ treatment option – in which one day is dedicated to your consultation, next day to your thorough medical assessment, and the third day is kept for the surgery. Of course, you need to settle this plan in advance by communicating with your doctor. Usually, it works like this:
    • You call the hospital.
    • They allot you the possible dates of visit.
    • You then make online reservations in the hospital for the dates provided. The hospital may charge a convenience fee for this booking.
    • The hospital then confirms the receipt of payment and the dates.
    • Following this, you can book transportation and hotels. The hospital may have special arrangements to offer to you.  They can give suggestions, if needed.
    • In case the consultation and/or assessment results declare you ineligible for liposuction surgery, then the hospital refunds your payment minus the consultation fee. However, do confirm the hospital’s refund policy to be sure, before you finalize any plans or send any funds.