What Does Liposuction Cost and Financing Options

Liposuction is an expensive treatment. Therefore, prior to the actual surgery, you should understand how much liposuction costs and what financing options are available. Accordingly, we are providing you a baseline idea on the subject.

Factors Influencing the Price of Liposuction

The cost of liposuction is the total of variable charges and the constant ones. However, do not compromise on the quality of surgeon for cheap liposuction.

  • Variable Influences: Liposuction fees fluctuate due to the following two primary variables:
    • Surgeon’s Proficiency: Doctor expertise should be the basis of your selection, irrespective of the charges. Liposuction requires fine surgery skills and certain related facility services, which command a price. In fact, there may be a catch in the discount offers. Some inexperienced or ‘not so preferred’ surgeons offer discounts or free consultations to promote themselves. Such ‘not so perfect’ hands may seriously damage your body due to a negligent execution. Cheap liposuctions have a tragic history of crude results, excessive liposuction leading to disfiguring or disproportionate shapes, and irregular depressions & scars on the skin, to mention a few. In addition, you may later require a repair surgery, which is costly both health wise and financially. An experienced and certified surgeon may charge a higher lipo fee, but will be competent.  Plastic surgery with experts is likely to be successful, and the risk of related complications reduced. Therefore, research very well before deciding on a surgeon. Your comfort level with your doctor is important.
    • Geographical Location: Infrastructure availability, population density, per capita income, labor & related costs, and market potential in a geographic area also influence the liposuction prices. For example, the demand for cosmetic surgeries is high in urban, rich, and heavily populated places, like the New York City, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles. Therefore, the lipo costs will be higher in such regions than the rest of the US cities.


  • Constant Influences:
      • Price of anesthesia & its administration (approximately $700-1,100)
      • Medical tests
      • Surgical Facility – location, operating room, nursing staff, services offered, stay, & maintenance charges (approximately $700-1,300)
      • The size of the patient and the treatment area(s)
      • Procedure Type(s) – techniques, time, & effort required (cosmetic surgery and Ultrasonic processes are quite expensive, while the Tumescent technique is quite moderate)
      • Medical prescriptions
      • Pre-operation laboratory fee
      • Surgical Supplies – garments, pads, aspirators, etc.
      • Miscellaneous surgery-related costs

Liposuction Pricing Table by Body Areas


Liposuction Area

Approximate Liposuctions Costs (in US Dollar)


Abdominoplasty (Tummy or Abdominal Liposuction)


Upper & lower abdomen



Lower Abdomen Liposuction (male)



Back Liposuction (female)



Breast Liposuction








Buttock Liposuction



Waist Liposuction



Flanks Liposuction (male)






Face Liposuction (chin, cheeks, jowls, neck)



Thigh Liposuction


Outer thigh


Inner thigh & knee



Anterior thigh & knee



Arm Liposuction (upper)



Liposuction Price Tips

    • Average: Find out the approximate liposuction prices for what you expect to have done. Research right at the start will save you any last minute cost shocks.
    • Liposuction Fee type: Some liposuction clinics charge a single fixed fee (global fee), which is an approximate sum of the different expenses involved in a lipo procedure. Others charge itemized fees which specify the different liposuction related costs. The fixed fee is often slightly lower than the itemized one. Therefore, find out the fee type during your lipo inqueries.
    • Exact Bill: Consult a competent and certified plastic surgeon to know the exact cost of your treatment. Based on your requirements, your medical expert will develop a customized surgical plan and quote for you.
    • Written Bill: Do obtain the final price sheet in writing for your records.

Self-Arranged Cash

Having your own cash is the best scenario. Any debt amount should be as low as possible and be paid back rapidly to avoid any future financial mess.

Borrowing from reliable friends and relatives can be an option. You may mutually decide on some interest rate and the payback schedule. For transparency, keep everything in writing.

Professional Liposuction Finance or Loan Options

To cover the cost of liposuction, several financial organizations now offer different types of loans with monthly payback plans of 1-5 years. Private financing companies are the key players extending credit from $1,000 to $25,000. The interest rate for a secured loan is around 1.5%, while it is approximately 5-10% and up for an unsecured loan. The main liposuction finance options are:

    • Credit Card:  Credit cards may offer advantages such as reward points. Most have high interest rates. Some companies even provide health exclusive credit cards.
    • Clinic & Financiers’ Tie-Up: Financial firms sometimes collaborate with the cosmetic surgeons or the treatment centers to offer a one stop liposuction solution, right from the funding to the surgery.
    • Clinical Finance: Certain lipo centers offer in-house credit plans.
    • Independent Finance: Some financial firms have independent liposuction loan plans. This allows you to choose your own surgeon, and not be bound with the limited ‘tie-up’ options.
    • Personal Loan: Going for a personal loan may also be a way to finance treatment.

Liposuction Finances 

Like any other loan, liposuction financing is dependant on the following factors:

    • Applicant’s credit rating
    • Income
    • Collateral
    • Duration of the loan
    • Cost of the procedure

The Loan Process

Using the internet, securing a liposuction loan is convenient. Here is how:

  • Search: Find out the reliable lipo finance plans and companies. Hunt through the papers and the internet. Ask informed people. Your surgeon may also guide you about the choices available.
  • Selection: Shortlist your liposuction finance options. You may visit their respective websites to find out their terms and conditions, the interest rate on the loan, their reputation, payback failure implications, etc.
  • Application: After choosing a firm, fill out its application form and wait for their reply.
  • Contract Generation: You may or may not be required to furnish certain verification documents, such as identity papers, bank statements for address verification, surgeon’s estimate sheet and prescription, etc. If all goes fine, soon your loan contract with the firm is generated.
  • Funds Release: The loan papers are then sent to the clinic where you shall be undergoing liposuction. After receiving the liposuction center’s final surgery papers, the firm releases the loan amount.


Medical Insurance

Plastic surgery is an elective treatment. Therefore, many insurance policies do not cover it or cover only a small percent of the cost.  If covered, you may be required to pay in full yourself and then get a refund from the insurance company.  The chance of being covered is especially low for facial liposuction. If however, doctors conduct the surgery on medical grounds, then such cases may qualify for insurance.

If you manage to find some trusted insurance companies, find out:

    • Do they cover the surgery in full or part?
    • Are post surgery medical expenses covered?
    • If any complication arises, will they provide for such unforeseen risks, etc.?

Select a company only after you have a satisfactory answer to most or all of the above questions.

Liposuction Cost and Finance in Other Countries

Liposuction prices are the highest in the USA  compared to the rest of the world. Plastic surgery in another nation is sometimes more economical. The UK, India, Thailand, etc. are some such economical destinations.  The AMA has some guidelines for “medical tourism”.

This article provides you the basics of the liposuction costs and the available financing options. During decision-making, please seek professional financial advice.